Golf Club Groove Sharpener Tool

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Have you ever heard a golf announcer talk about how PGA Tour players “control their spin?” If you’re like me, you probably were thinking, “Hmm…I wish I actually had some spin to control.”

If you’ve been using the same wedge for a while, this 6 cutter groove sharpener is an easy fix to get more grab on your greens. Even your 10-year-old irons will perform like new! Who knows we might even be seeing your face on the big screen at next year's PGA tour after you fine tune your clubs.

  • 6 cutters head sharpener with two different cutting types, 2 for U-type club grooves and 4 for V-type grooves.
  • Lichi texture on the shaft surface for firm gripping when cleaning the golf club head, avoiding sliding in the hand.
  • Highest quality metal made from high-grade heat-treated steel
  • Measure 60 on the Rockwell hardness scale, for maximum durability and cutting effectiveness.
  • Precision ground and engineered to exacting tolerances to ensure that it does not compromise USGA rules regarding groove width and depth.
  • Lightweight and portable tool
  • Package in clear plastic safety container for easy storage, complete with a tube case to store
  • Weighs only 1.6 oz and 4.4 inches long
  • Perfect for ADAMS, CALLAWAY, COBRA, CLEVELAND, NIKE, PING, TAYLORMADE, TITLEIST, WILSON, and other Leading Irons, including Sand Wedges, Lob Wedges, Gap Wedges, Approach Wedges, and other Golf Utility Clubs.

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