Our Moonshot

The Team

I'll be honest, the team here at Grizly is not made up of neuroscientists. We can't tell you how the hemispheres of your cerebrum communicate through a thick tract of nerves in your corpus callosum. What we can tell you is the majority of our team has been impacted by Alzheimer's in our direct family. We all agree it is a terrible disease and something needs to be done about it.

The smartest scientists agree that a cure is possible and could happen within our lifetime. We want to do our part to help move the needle so our children don't have to worry about experiencing the same tragedy.

The Cause

We have done our part researching the best Alzheimer's non-profits through CharityNavigator.org and have chosen to support Cure Alzheimer's Fund. Cure Alzheimer's Fund was established to fund targeted research with the highest probability of slowing, stopping or reversing Alzheimer's disease through venture based philanthropy. All organizational expenses are paid for by the Founders and Board, allowing all other contributions to be applied directly to Alzheimer's Disease research.

Their foundational research is focused on identifying all the genes and gene mutations that are linked to Alzheimer's Disease. They plan to use this genetic information to reliably predict, early in life, those at greatest risk for the disease (with legal safeguards and genetic and psychological counseling). Their foundational research projects include: Alzheimer's Genome Project, Alzheimer's Genome Map, Alzheimer's Brain-Genetic Study, Alzheimer's Clinical-Genetic Study, Alzheimer's Gene Database, MicroRNA's and APP, and Alzheimer's Gene Discovery Project.

We are not asking for donations. If you want to donate, we ask that you donate directly to Cure Alzheimer's Fund. We are just trying to raise awareness to increase our chance of victory in this battle. The Grizly website and Grizly store are the only ways we know how.

The Moonshot

Grizly enables knowledge-seekers to experience a community of like-minded people that are focused on improving their core cognitive functions while acquiring interest-based information.

Our moonshot is to raise $1 Million dollars for the Cure Alzheimer's Fund by the end of 2020 through our content, store, and the compassion of our audience. We will do this by committing 10% of all store revenue and content subscriptions to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund.


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